Here are a few questions and answers to give you a bit of further information:

1. What makes the Water Club special?

Many of those who live here or are our guests describe being at The Water Club in their own special way. Some say it is a little-known gem, with great people, a unique location, and the beauty of living within a few footsteps of the ocean. Others like the idea of taking a walk on our streets, smelling the ocean air, and feeling that they are far from the bustling crowd. And yet others like the idea of having the benefits of owning their own home, while chores like mowing the grass and weeding the gardens is handled by the association.

But the most common comment is actually a question: “Where else can you find a private beach a few steps away, lovely homes, a gated community, a pool to enjoy, a great place to gather with family and friends … and only an hour from midtown Manhattan?

2. When was the community built?

Construction of the homes at The Water Club began in the mid 1980s. The site is the location of a former beach club on the ocean: Capri Beach Club. There are 56 original lots on the property with 55 homes.

3. Do people live at The Water Club year-round?

Yes, most homeowners can’t resist and do live year-round at The Water Club. There are those, though, who do spend time in Florida or elsewhere during the winters. Given the special lifestyle at The Water Club and its close proximity to New York City, there are some whose primary home is in Manhattan and who use their home at The Water Club as their summer residence.

4. Does The Water Club Homeowners Association hire a professional manager?

No, we are a self-governing and self-managing Association. The volunteer, elected board handles all of the day-to-day management of the property, hiring qualified professionals for tasks such as landscaping, pool lifeguards, and security guards. The board also hires an accountant/CPA to handle invoicing, payments, budgets, and preparation of the annual financial report.

5. Is there a monthly common charge paid by each homeowner?

Yes, as you would expect there is a monthly common charge. That amount is the same for each home and is set annually by the board in order to pay for the regular operating expenses that are required to maintain the common areas.

6. Do homes come up for sale?

Periodically, a home is listed for sale but not often. Because it is such a unique and special place to live, most homeowners choose not to sell. In fact, many of those who bought their homes during the construction phase in the 1980s – when the property was just beach sand – still own the same home and live there today. With great pride, while they may be the original owner, many have made significant design changes and improvements over the years to keep their homes at the leading edge of style and function.